About Us

We are a new Evangelical Congregation that started in January 2005, now meeting in the former building of Faith Church of the Nazarene in Denver, CO.  We are an eclectic congregation meeting the needs of young and old alike.  Spirited worship, strong Bible teaching and preaching, small group ministries, and adult and children Bible Study are just parts of this dynamic congregation.

SIMPLICITY.  BVF is about keeping the main thing the main thing.  We try to keep it simple.

AUTHENTICITY.  BVF is about real people having a real relationship with God. We try to keep it real. 

COMMUNITY.  BVF is about loving God and people.  We try to keep it personal.

EMPOWERMENT.  BVF is about saying yes what God wants to do in your life. We try to keep it positive.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT.  BVF is about reaching as many people as quickly as possible.  We try to keep the arrow pointed out.